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Welcome! Great you joined us!

The following lines will give you a short idea of who we are and what we do:

First of all – we do not have a complete, separate page in English as our page is very large. But we prepared this single-page to give you some interesting and useful first details about our station.

Please click on the + in front of the individual headings for details!

You can easily tune in by clicking on the little arrow in the music player (header section of our startpage) or by using the usual media players installed on your preferred device (smartphone, „Alexa“, modern TV sets and car audio, mobile devices („vTuner“), computer, laptop, notebook, ...)) - no additional downloads or registration needed!

Our internet live stream is available around the globe.

You can also use devices like „Alexa“ or similar.

Moreover, there is a free APP – just follow this link to visit the downlod page on This free APP makes it easy for you to listen to Radio Regentrude eveen on Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

"Regentrude" is the name of a character, a friendly fairy, in a fairytale written by a famous poet, Theodor Storm. There is a stone well showing this character in front of the town hall of Norderstedt. And as we are from Norderstedt, we decided to name our station "Radio Regentrude". Another reason is, that we bring fresh and new tunes to the music landscape ... like the "Regentrude" brings the rain again after a long period of drought.


Radio Regentrude is a fully licensed (= completely legal) 24/7 internet radio station from Norderstedt, near Hamburg, Germany.

Radio Regentrude is an independent, privately owned non-for profit (and non-commercial) 24/7 online radio station, run entirely by volunteers.

Radio Regentrude was founded in 2010.

Fully licensed means: we pay regular monthly fees to and hold licences of GVL and GEMA ( = Performing Rights & artist rights Associations in Germany). Moreover, we are registered with the so-called "Medienanstalt" Hamburg / Schleswig-Holstein, a supervisory authority ensuring that radio stations comply with legal requirements like youth protection and other important aspects of law.


Non-commercial means: We do not make money with our services and we do not take money for our services. It is all free of charge. Non-commercial also means that all costs arising (licence fees, server costs etc.) are paid by out-of-pocket payment by ourselves.


To have sponsors always means a certain kind of dependance on their money and influence. And this is, what we do not want. Therefore we decided to pay everything out of our own pockets.


We founded Radio Regentrude in 2010 with the goal of bringing a unique 24/7 music program and hosts who are really passionate about music to the airwaves along with a very colorful, diverse and varied music mix (including Rock, Pop, Blues, Soul, R&B, Country / Bluegrass / Americana, Jazz, Chillout, Ambient, New Age, Dance & Electronica, Instrumentals, Metal, Reggae, World Music, Singer Songwriter, Alternative, Indie and many, many more) and to share our great passion for new music and undiscovered gems with our listeners around the world. On Radio Regentrude you will enjoy 24 / 7 fresh international music and undiscovered gems as well as professionally designed and presented live broadcasts that you just wouldn’t hear anywhere else!

We mainly showcase and play submitted music we have received from our international music partners (record labels, music publishers, artist agencies) as well as songs from independent musicians and bands from all over the world!

We are sure we do!

We are no mainstream station (although we play mainstream tracks sometimes of course if they are great - but mainstream is not our main music genre).

We do not want to play that kind of music you have already listened to on thousands of other stations!

Our radio programmers are always one step ahead with their personally and carefully designed playlists full of hand picked tunes, ear candy and wonderful voices in a variety of genres including Rock, Pop, Country, Bluegrass, Americana, Blues, Jazz, Swing, RnB, Soul, Funk, Folk, Singer Songwriter, Gospel, Reggae, Easy Listening, Chillout, Lounge, Ambient, Instrumentals, Electronica, Dance, House... and many, many, many more!

Yes, of course! We play independent / unsigned artists as well as artists being under a label contract. And we play music submitted by music labels, music promoters, pr agencies (also independent ones) from all over the world.


Radio Regentrude is a great place not only for music lovers, but also for artists and music labels as well as music promotors / promotion agencies from around the world - a place to discover catchy tunes that capture you at once... and a place to reach new listenening audiences and fans day by day!

Please put us on your mailing list! Alternatively, you can send us your releases at regular intervals per email or using systems like MPN, Haulix, wetransfer, dropbox, or similar.  


We support independent / unsigned artists as well as artists and bands being under contract with a music label – no matter if new, experienced or developing artist (or label).


Many radio stations have their own criteria for what will be considered for airplay .... and most stations do only accept tunes that are selling well or already have won a lot of prizes. One of the reasons is that many stations are commercial ones and must gain a lot of traffic on their sites to be attractive enough to possible sponsors and customers who buy ads.


For us - as we are non-commercial and independent - it is not at all important how many prizes you have won or how many albums you have already sold! All that matters to us is the music itself, the message inside and the artist behind it!


We accept both, physical and diital song submissions, digital song submissions are preferred.

All songs must have broadcast quality and must be tagged correctly.


You can easily send us your songs by email including a download link for dropbox, wetransfer, haulix, hearthemusic etc.


If you like to submit some of your songs or albums as radio promo - which always is higly appreciated - please contact us via email info at radio-regentrude dot de



Radio Regentrude