Song Submission Policy

Music Submission Policy and Station Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in delivering Radio Regentrude your latest releases!

You are welcome to submit your music at any time, subject to the submission policy and station guidelines documented on this page.

Getting playtime on Radio Regentrude offers a great chance for up and coming artists to reach a new audience as our internet live stream is accessible world wide – no download or registration needed – just use the usual media players installed on your device!

Feel free to take a look at our schedule and list of shows. If you find a show or two that you think would be a fit for your music, let us know!

Please note: we take the time to review each submission sent and we will reply to all the record companies, music promoters, agencies, artists and bands that submitted music to us, however this is a very time consuming process and cannot be done within a few days.

If your music is selected to be played on Radio Regentrude it will be uploaded to our automated playlist and be randomly played when there is no live DJ („Mix of the week“ and others). Your music will also be available to the music department for DJ use (daily live shows).

Thank you in advance for your submissions!

Unsolicited submissions welcome!

Radio Regentrude DOES accept unsolicited submissions from musicians, bands, music promoters, record companies…. So please feel free to send us your songs at any time! We listen to everything and love to discover and play new music that fits in.

But please keep in mind that we receive a significant number of music submissions every week. Please do not send us emails and do not give us calls to inquire on the status of your music submission. This will not get your tunes played. Reviewing process takes some time.

Our preference is full albums over singles (unless there is unreleased material on the singles) as we do not want to bore our listeners with playlists repeating daily or even hourly.

Review Process

Once we receive a song or CD for consideration, it goes through our review process. The song / CD is listened to in its entirety and a determination is made on whether or not it fits our programming. Due to the volume of songs and CDs we receive, our review process may take up to 1 to 3 weeks before a song / CD could have potential airplay.

Please be aware that our programmers have many competing demands on their time and thus may not be able to return all calls or respond to all correspondence, particularly within time periods artists or labels might desire.

Please be patient with us and allow time for any status or review requests as we have to choose from many new songs coming in daily.

There is no guarantee made of receiving airplay. No acknowledgement of your submission is guaranteed.

Calling our DJs and / or having your friends call our DJs and requesting your music will not get it played.

Programming decisions and music selections for Radio Regentrude are made on a non-discriminatory basis.


Digital or physical submissions?

Although accepting both, physical as well as digital submissions, we prefer digital submission of music via mp3 files (or wav) when possible. Please provide a download link for dropbox, soundcloud, haulix, WeTransfer, Google drive, mydrive, hearthemusic or similar.

Please mail your music submissions to: info (at) radio – regentrude (dot) de

If you would like to submit physical CDs, please send it to the following shipment address:

Georg Bohnow / Brigitte Reinert
Radio Regentrude
Bäckerstieg 1
DE-22848 Norderstedt


Please ensure that physical CD shipments are post-paid, labeled correctly and contain all necessary documents so that they will cope with customs regulations.


How to prepare your music for getting reviewed

Please make sure that all music submissions (digital and physical) are accompanied by a one-sheet, artist bio, high-resolution album artwork / artist photo, social media links and a credits page.

Song submissions without artist / band details added will not be considered for airplay. We want to get a feel for who you are and what you have accomplished by viewing your website or profiles on Facebook, Myspace, or whatever you use.

Studio versions of your song / professionally recorded material is best but if you don’t have one a live version is fine, just be sure the quality is good.

Please submit releases of good technical quality. Please do not send us any demo tapes, snippets or YouTube videos.

Your music must be mixed and mastered and ready for airplay.

Music submitted must be properly edited and labeled for broadcast, including the exclusion of defamatory, profane, indecent or obscene material. Please tag your files properly. Labeling should include all required artist contact information as well as appropriate title tags such as artist name (as appears on the album), song title, album name, year of recording / release etc. before it can be reviewed to be placed on the air.

Each music submission becomes the physical property of Radio Regentrude and will not be returned, whether or not it is added to the station’s playlist.

We do not consider and do not air music that has explicit language /explicit lyrics,

Any defamatory, profane, indecent, xenophobic, racist or obscene material as well as any songs gloryfying violence, death and / or drugs will not be accepted.

Please ensure all material sent to Radio Regentrude has the appropriate copyright approval.

By submitting material to Radio Regentrude, you hereby grant to Radio Regentrude a permission to play and publicly perform your music in our shows.

With regard to musical performance rights, Radio Regentrude holds licenses with Gema and GVL.

Despite any contracts with performing rights associations, or any other contracts, the artist, record company, or artist representative making this submission, must be legally allowed to distribute the band’s / aritst’s works at their discretion.

By submitting music for airplay consideration, submitting entities and individuals represent and warrant that submitted music has been registered with one of the performing rights organizations. Alternatively, if you are not a member of these organizations, you represent and warrant that you hold these rights personally and grant Radio Regentrude the right to broadcast your material.

If your track is not signed under any label, you must own all the copyrights to your track.
If your track was released under any label, you must obtain the labels approval to submit it to Radio Regentrude first.
If your track includes vocals, you must have the vocalists approval to submit it to Radio Regentrude.

Radio Regentrude does not sell or barter access to its programmers.


Getting airplay on Radio Regentrude is a privilege

Our responsibility is to our listeners worldwide and in the hospital radio station we serve. We attempt to always keep their listening habits in mind when making choices.

Please understand that getting airplay on Radio Regentrude is a privilege and NOT A RIGHT. So please don’t get offended if we choose NOT to play your music on the air.

If Radio Regentrude has decided not to play your music now, keep at it and keep us informed. Keep sending us stuff. Possibly we will play your music in the future.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time in case of further questions concerning our song submission policy.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon  and listening to your tunes!

Radio Regentrude