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Short guide how to tune in

the little English flags in the following lines will provide you with Eglish flag softicons 32

short English translations)

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Eglish flag softicons 32 please click on the little arrow Playerpfeil_Startseite.png  in the music player above (you will also find this player on our startpage (header section)



Eglish flag softicons 32 choose your favourite music players from the following list


Webplayer: Design 1   Design 2

Webplayer (Popup)

Alternative Link (m3u) – W-LAN Radios

m3u < save the m3u on your device, double-click on it – done!

APP free  radio-net.jpg radio net App (Engl.)


Eglish flag softicons 32more radio player links (in alphabetical order):





„Alexa, play Radio Regentrude!“
(no separate skill needed!)


Amazon Fire TV fire-tv.jpg (use free radio.net Smart TV Apps for Amazon Fire TV)

Android Auto (use free radio.net APP)

Android TV (mit den radio.de Smart TV Apps für Android TV)

Apple TV apple-tv.jpg (free radio.net apps)

Apple CarPlay (use free radio.net APP)

MAC (Phonostar Player for MAC)

Magenta TV (Phonostar TV APP)

Phonostar APP (Windows, IOS and Android)

Phonostar Player 

Samsung Smart TVs (Phonostar TV APP)

SONOS  SONOS.jpg  (use free radio.net APP)

Smart TVs other manufacturers (keyword „HbbTV“)

TechniSat TechniSat_logo-s2.png (we are listed in thet TechniSat database)


W-LAN Radios (devices with vTuner)

Eglish flag softicons 32 You can also tune in here:




Online Radiobox

Radio Garden


Ubuntu Users

Radio Regentrude